Certification Programs

In many professions, a successful career is marked by an appropriate degree of professional development, verified by a credible certification program and recognized by both the public and one’s peers. The Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation has been the hallmark of professionalism in club management since 1965 and is the cornerstone of CMAA’s member recognition program. It is a valuable and widely-respected mark of a manager’s commitment to professional development and the club industry.

As with its education programs, CMAA’s recognition program is a dynamic, continuing process. It includes two levels of further recognition: CMAA’s prestigious Honor Society and the Master Club Manager (MCM) designation. Also, Certification Maintenance Requirement (CMR) ensures that managers continue to develop professionally. Under this program, CCMs will have five years in which to attain specified certification credits for recertification. Click here for additional information on the CMR. The entire program is under the jurisdiction of the Certification Committee with oversight provided by the Association’s Board of Directors. It is the committee’s responsibility to consider suggestions from the members and to ensure that the certification program adapts to the ever-changing club management environment.

A new designation, the Certified Chief Executive (CCE), was introduced in 2008.

Achieving Active Membership Status

  1. Conversion from Provisional or Alumnus to Active membership status requires CMAA Provisional membership for at least one year and attainment of 15 or more CMAA Education credits. These credits may be earned through attendance at chapter and World Conference educational programs, CMAA workshops and BMI courses.
  2. When both requirements have been met, a Provisional or Alumnus member will be automatically transferred to Active status, notified of the change and sent an updated membership card.
  3. While National Headquarters staff will make every effort to maintain an accurate record of each member’s certification credits, it is the responsibility of the individual members to keep track of credits they have earned. Members should check with the Chapter Managing Director or Secretary and/or the National Headquarters to ensure that all credits earned are recorded. CMAA members who are registered on CMAA’s Web site can review their credit histories online.
  4. In addition to being a prerequisite for certification, Active membership status also determines a member’s eligibility to vote in CMAA elections at both the chapter and national levels and to hold elective office.