Welcome to the St. Louis Chapter of the CMAA

New Beginnings.


In writing this, I can't help but think of the similarity my predecessor is currently undertaking and myself in assuming the role as your new Chapter President.  We both are starting anew!


Speaking of my predecessor, I wish to take a moment to recognize Dave Derfel on his tremendous energy and talent leading up to his role as Chapter President. Dave has spent years behind the scenes rising through the Committee structure and eventually to the Chapter Board level.  What did he do? He has served on the Education, Tournament, ByLaw, and Long Range Planning Committees prior to or at the same time as his roles on the Executive Committee level as Treasurer and Vice President.  He has purposefully provided new opportunities for this Chapter through a variety of avenues to be even better than we were, and we as a Chapter are so very grateful for his contributions.


I, along with every Chapter member, wish to extend heartfelt good wishes to Dave and Carmen and their children Jacob and Naomi.  


Assuming the role as your Chapter President, there are so many traditions to continue and opportunities set before us.


The St. Louis District Chapter CMAA has a proud tradition of leadership, excellence in education and financial stewardship.  I look forward in assisting the Chapter along with a very talented Board of Directors and strong Committee presence in keeping its traditions while also enhancing the footprint through membership growth, "fellowship" and education.


First, my objective in the short term will be to gain familiarity with all of you.  I wish to have an open door to you who wish to join with me in building upon this Chapter's foundation while answering the needs of a diverse membership as well as dynamic and evolving industry.


Please feel free to contact me with your ideas on how we can achieve our goals, you will find not only an open door but a listening ear.


Second, I sense it is important to support a well-rounded and relevant education program chock full of competencies needed by our Chapter members to not only survive but thrive in our management path as well as individual clubs.  Continuing to engage new leaders in the industry and have them as part of a relevant line up of education will only bring further success to each and every one of us.  I am open to learning more about new speakers and niche areas on the horizon that are part of the new face of our industry.


Third and most importantly, I find it is paramount for our Chapter to engage in a mentorship program. This Chapter cannot continue to grow without the existing long-time members making room at the table for the newest members and future leaders. A special effort will be made by me and the Board to embrace new members so that they have a seat next to a mentor at a meeting as well as a place at the dinner table when the opportunity to arises.  I know the Chapter has previously discussed this objective through the years but it would be a tremendous achievement for our Chapter to recognize each other and develop professionally a system of profound welcoming and engagement.


I truly look forward to our working together in the year ahead forming the partnerships that will result in achieving our objectives.


Yours most sincerely,


Russell G. Kingsland

Ph. 314.849.4421