Welcome to the St. Louis Chapter of the CMAA

Dear fellow chapter members:

Welcome to 2018!

I would like to thank the entire Board for all of their hard work and dedication on your behalf in 2017, and I look forward to continuing to serve with them in the coming year.

2017 was another great year for the chapter. We continued to grow at a rapid pace and were recognized by CMAA National as ranking in 3rd place for membership recruitment for medium size chapters. We hosted another very successful Fall Classic Golf Tournament thanks to Matt Lacefield and his team from Greenbriar Hills Country Club and to our tournament committee and of course our terrific sponsors.

We had many enjoyable and educational monthly events attended by many of you in our chapter. I would encourage all of you to attend as many educational and social events in the coming year as you are able. Our common purpose in this chapter is to further our education and take advantage of getting to know one another. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you and especially enjoyed reuniting with colleagues I was fortunate to become friends with in my first tour here in St. Louis. This is one of the most enjoyable benefits of participating in our chapter events, the ability to engage with one another, share insights and fun stories. We are in a unique and rewarding industry, and sharing it with your fellow managers brings many memorable moments. I hope to see all of you at one time or another in the coming year, please make every effort to join us in our shared journey.

We ended last year with a wonderful wine dinner at the storied and historic Racquet Club. Thank you to Tom Bertani and his colleagues for providing a beautiful setting, excellent dinner and lovely paired wines for the evening. My wife, Kristen and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously as I know all of you in attendance did. Well done Mr. Bertani; we all knew it would not have been otherwise. In addition, please join me in thanking our chapter Managing Director, Laura Hodges. Truth be told, she has run this chapter well and you and I have been the beneficiaries.

Moving forward, 2018 is already shaping up to be another great year for the chapter – you reap what you sew, so make an effort to participate and become engaged in the chapter; you won’t regret it!

Russell Kingsland